Thursday, 27 February 2014

The "Lamont" OverSpeaker Bullhorn

Tired of the endless "back-and-forth" of normal debating?
Think old fashioned Q&A formats have had their day?
Big fan of Phil Spector and his "Wall of Noise"?
You need our exclusive Scaremonger  "Lamont" Debaters OverSpeaker  Bullhorn!
This useful handheld device will ensure that you can turn any discussion into a post-modern cacophony of unintelligible droning. Your opponents may know what's going on but others will only hear your unfocused wailing. An essential debating tool when under pressure.
The OverSpeaker  has arange of hi-tech features including;

One-click On-and-On button
"Full-On" one way Volume Control
"ToryTech" replicator loop system
"Out-of-Touch trackpad

As seen on TV !

"Astonishing" - "I'm Astonished" - "Astonishingly astonishing"
Order your OverSpeaker  today to ensure disappointment!

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