Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Going Fishing?? 

Organizing a fishing expedition to the Continent? The don't forget to visit our Country Sports department, where our experienced assistant Glen 'The Eel' Campbell will always be ready to go that extra mile in his efforts to discover the unvarnished truth about Scotland's EU membership in the event that the country votes 'Yes' to "leaving the UK". Ever wondered what the Latvian foreign minister's thoughts are on the subject? Or his Irish equivalent? Don't worry. Glen's been touring the capital cities of Europe and asking the right loaded questions of those foreign politicians. He'll push the boat out in his efforts to make your trip enjoyable by ensuring that you have the right gear, permits and passport information for when Scotland is cast fully adrift in the stormy seas of doubt and uncertainty by the Yes Campaign's unprincipled efforts to rip us out of Britain, divorcing us from friends and family, poisoning our rivers and laying waste to the land.