Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Big Book of Scares

A new edition of our ever popular manual of indy scares

More than 100 everyday scares to give your friends and family the fright of their lives.

Each scare laid out in an easy-to-misunderstand  format.

Totally bogus statistics included to support each scare.

Supportive quotes from "independent" academics.

Features the following infamous scares;

  • rUk will bomb your airports!
  • you'll be forced to join the Euro!
  • mobile calls will cost more!
  • you'll be flooded with immigrants!
  • nobody will want to move here!
  • everyone will leave!
  • your pension will be shredded!
  • the pandas will be recalled to China!
  • you'll need a passport to visit England!
  • it'll be an open door for immigrants to England!
  • you'll be forced out of the EU!
  • you'll be forced into the EU!
  • there's no oil left!
  • it doesn't belong to you anyway!
  • Shetland will stay in UK!
  • Shetland will declare independence!
  • the Russians will steal all your fish!
  • the Spanish will steal all your fish!
  • you'll have to pay for a new Trident base in rUK!
  • rUK will annexe Faslane!
  • banks will flee!
  • banks will stay and exploit poor regulation!
  • universities will close!
  • universities will be swamped rUK fee refugees!
  • you'll be forced to charge university fees!
  • no one will buy your surplus renewable energy!
  • you'll have to buy nuclear generated energy from England!
  • you won't have the pound!
  • and many, many more!

The Big Book of Scares is an essential guide to the key independence debates and how to turn any discussion into a "stairhead rammy".

Demand is sure to be very high so be sure to pre-order today!


  1. Oh dear. I'm so scared... what shall I do?

  2. What will I do. Will I be able to talk to my English and Canadian relatives if they are foreigners or should I now ignore them?

  3. sogrry absourt thew spoellimng. Hasd tro purt tjhe lifghtds offg duer to fgear.