Monday, 10 November 2014

Labour Leadership Kit-

Scottish Labour Leadership Kit

Running for Leader?     Need to impress with your leadership skills?     Desperate?

The all-new Scaremonger Scottish Labour Leadership Kit will provide you with everything you need to impress the tens of voters you'll need to secure the leadership of the Labour Party's Scottish section. 

A strictly limited edition, the Scaremonger Labour Leadership Kit comes carefully vacuum packed in a specially designed handcart style souvenir box embossed with the telephone number of the Labour HQ in London. 

Each kit includes;

  • Crocodile Tear Shoes - ideal for campaign visits to busy food banks 
  • Soft Soap Gift Box - smooths rough edges and difficult moments 
  • "Miss Me Quip Hat" - unique sense of humour by-pass headgear
  • Apology Template Slider - compose sincere apologies for every occasion
  • "London Road" Knee-Pads - essential protective gear  
  • Backstabber Vest - extra reinforcement across the shoulder blades
  • Disloyalty Card - earn points to redeem on exclusive gifts

Order the Scottish Labour Leadership Kit today and get a free tub of  AD Vanishing Cream - "it's perfect Darling!"