Saturday, 15 August 2015

Edinburgh Festival Special


With thousands of shows to choose from at this year's Edinburgh Festivals The Scaremonger  has some suggestions of shows we believe will appeal to our customers.  

Street Theatre: "Not-So-Sunny Jim" - our favourite street performer returns. "Shouting at strangers has never sounded so angry"
Drama: 40 Angry Men - a new play with an ensemble cast of well known and not so well known faces explore the challenges faced by the newly unemployed in an unsympathetic benefits system.

Opera: The Cunning Little Vixen - a new production of this classic tale of intrigue as the eponymous heroine plots the destruction of her historic foes.

Drama: A Tale of Two Cities: A new adaptation of the classic novel. Ruth must decide, East or West? Edinburgh or Glasgow? Cynical carpet-bagging opportunism or hard headed calculation?

Musical Theatre: '"Labour in Scotland - The Musical!"
Don't miss 'Labour in Scotland - The Musical'! You'll be singing and dancing in the aisles as our ex-MPs and staffers cast reprise all the old favourites, including: 'Feeble Forty', 'Donkey With A Red Rosette', 'Last Gravy Train To Westminster', 'Branch Office', 'Too Wee, Too Poor, Too Stupid', 'All I Want For Christmas Is My Gold-Plated Pension', 'R-E-D-T-O-R-Y', I'm Talking About A Triangulation Revolution'. Plus the smash new hits 'SNPbad!', 'Hegemony Blues' and just released, 'Jumping On The Corbyn Bandwagon'.

Ballet and Dance: The Rite of Spring - The annual humiliation of the opposition is captured in this magical ballet. Certain to delight young and old alike.