Sunday, 22 July 2012

Home & Furniture Department - More stock added!

* Our own brand Blackout Curtains (it is for you if you vote Yes). Drawbacks included as standard.

* Fully fitted 'Caledonia' Soup Kitchens: why bother travelling to one when you can have the very latest in separatist, economic depression chic in your own home? The perfect place for large gatherings of the newly unemployed!

* Slumbertown mattresses. While away those pointless post-separation days on one of these! After the inevitable run on the banks, store what's left of your savings in the special built-in stash pocket!

Bath and Shower Essentials:

Take two questions into the shower?  No more confusion with new 2-in-1 Union Ballot Shampoo and Conditioner*.  With our 2-in-1 you can vote NO TODAY and JAM TOMORROW in one visit.

* warning - may contain pre-conditions,  may cause disappointment.