Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Old Time Fudge Maker

The Old Time Fudge Maker

Manufactured by "Corbyn of Islington"  this traditionally styled fudge maker will brighten up any kitchen large, small or second.

Fill the fudge machine with your selected ingredients and pull down on the classic starting handle and settle back to watch the Old Time Fudge Maker get to work.

Purely decorative wheels and cogs spin, rattle and clank while the Old Time Fudge Maker utilises age old processes to transform the original ingredients into a smooth and digestible fudge with just delicate hints of flavour.

Comes complete with the following starter flavour packs;

  • Explosive Trident Blood Orange
  • Bitter Lemon Unionist 
  • Gullible Ginger Scot
  • Fiscally Responsible Jam
  • SNPBaad Butterscotch!