Monday, 26 May 2014

Euro Election Souvenir Special

Euro Election Commemorative Headgear

The ideal gift for the UKIP blowhard in your life!

A hat that captures the spirit of the age!

Perfect for posh loudmouths everywhere

Special Offer: Order your commemorative "blowhard" hat today and the Scaremonger will add a quote from new Scottish MEP David Coburn to the inner rim. Choose from "err", "umm" and "I'm rather tired - I can't think of one just now" 

Friday, 16 May 2014


Check out this exclusive clip from our new training video series aimed at Better Together activists.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Gardeners Special


With the first shoots of spring the thoughts of all good gardeners  turn to preparing for the season ahead. The Scaremonger has a numbers of special offers which our regulars will really "dig"

Garden Equipment
  • Traditional Watering Can't: our special design keeps things under control
  • Border Fencing: keep unwanted pests out with this easily erected fencing
  • Wellington Boots: perfect for trampling green shoots
  • "Westminster" Troughs: all sizes 
  • Flexible Hose: perfect for watering down things
  • Whitewash: also available in Brown
  • The "Cridland" garden spade: you won't be able to stop digging with one of these!
  • High Stakes: ideal for leading things on
  • The "Massie" Scarifier: an old name back for another season
  • Lone-Furrow Plough: 
  • Johann+Anas No. 2 Compost: only available in size XL 
  • Migrant Bird Scarer: keep those unwelcome visitors away
  • Astro-Turf: almost as good as the real thing
  • Perennial Climbers: various varieties available
  • Climbing Mysteria "Foulkes" : Long lasting and clings hard to any greasy surface. Needs regular watering and likes to be dug in with manure.
  • 'Our Lamont Rose'. Not hardy. Prefers deep shade. Its faintest tones of almost imperceptible pink set off perfectly the rich Cameron Blues and custard Yellow Cleggs in this season's unique Referendum Rose Garden. Thornless and unobtrusive, the specially created Lamont Rose has a delicate flower but its sickly scent will attract the increasingly rare Brit-gnat moth to the garden. These tend to gather on it to feed and lay their eggs. 
  • Long Grass: decorative and practical grass to hide a multitude of gardening sins

Order today and get your first delivery of 2015 season "Scorched Earth" half price