Thursday, 31 October 2013

Better Together's Greatest Hits 

In store now. All your favourites are here:

* Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

* Scaremonger

* Scots Wha Havnae


* Brigadoom

* Scotland The Feart

* Ode to the Deep Fried Mars Bar

* D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

* If You Leave Me Now

* Wake Up Alone

* Fright Song

* Border Song

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Royal Mail Special Offer

Stamp on Uncertainty!

Worried about postal costs after independence?
Concerned that you won't be able to send letters to your cousin in Chelsea or your auntie in Ascot?

The Scaremonger has a new service available which will offer reassurance and deliver the all important certainty you need.  Our new  "tartan mail" scheme allows you to pre-plan postage for your letters and packages for the day after independence. Just like at present where the costs of UK postage in the future are unknown our "tartan mail" ensures that you can't know the future cost of postage in an independent Scotland with the same degree of uncertainty.

Sign up to our "tartan mail" service and we'll send you fully redeemable* vouchers which we can guarantee you may be able to use to exchange for stamps**

£1.00 buys a voucher worth £1.00. After independence you can return your voucher to the Scaremonger "tartan mail" exchange centre*** and we will send you the equivalent value of postage stamps. No fuss, no complicated forms to fill in.

Postage cost planning made simple!

*subject to terms and conditions yet to be confirmed
**cost of postage stamps may vary
***a 15% handling charge will be applied