Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Alistair Carmichael Songbook

"Do You Want to Know a Secret"

"Careless Whispers"

"Telephone Line"


"Would I lie to You?"

"Tellin' Stories"

"Secret Island"

"The Great Pretender"


You Haven't Done Nothin'

"I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling"


and many, many more!

Order "The Alistair Carmichael Songbook" today and receive an exclusive commemorative flexidisc of the forthcoming audiobook "The Scottish Labour Manifesto 2015 as written by William McGonagall and read in the style of Molly Weir"

Monday, 11 May 2015

Clearance Sale!


Our famous post-election clearance sale will include some amazing and often to be repeated bargains including;

  • "Scottish" Labour, LibDem, Conservative and UKIP* Manifestos 
Barely Read!
These mint condition publications have been carefully printed and published but are now available in pristine unread condition.

*Please note that the UKIP Manifesto will be printed on top quality Asda 'Basics' copier paper and hand stapled by highly skilled British workers!...Honest.

  • The Jim Murphy Shirt Collection

A great chance to snap up one of "sunny" Jim's sweaty old "fitba" tops. Ideal for lad orientated photo ops! 

  • Genuine "handwritten" Letters
There's nothing more convincing than a personal letter from your local candidate. The Scaremonger has a large supply of generic voter ready "handwritten" letters suitable for any future campaign.

  •  Dodgy Graphs
Some say that politics needs more straight talking and honesty. At the Scaremonger we believe that one essential ingredient to any campaign is a steady supply of misleading and downright dodgy graphs...and we've got loads available at giveaway prices!

and much, much more. 

Remember - these bargains will be gone soon so order today to ensure you don't miss out.