Monday, 11 June 2012

New Stock Just In!

Dinnae Dae It Yersel Department

Circular Saws : make perfect self-serving cliches
Phillip (Hammond) Screwdrivers : Got a screw loose?   You need one of these.
Hammers : for moaning Scots of all types 

Classic Radio Shows coming back soon

I.T.M.A :  starring "Scotland's funny man" Michael Forsyth. "You'll Laugh - "You'll Cry"
The Navy Lark : Where have all the ships gone? 

Family Games

"Who Dares Wins" : Can you defend your oil platform against repeated waves of unidentified enemies?  

The Army Game : Define the size, equipment and configuration of Scotland's Armed Forces in one move or less against the clock - no conferring! (rules not included)

New DVDs

Twelve Angry Men : the 2012 remake starring Ian Davidson and the Scottish Affairs Select Committee members. Just like the original except that this time the jury all agree from the start!

Try Our New Travel Agency!

Summer 2012 : 

The Scandic Frown - Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.
A tour of some of Europes most depressed capitals. See the truth of those so-called "facts" about the health, wealth and happiness of the Scandinavian Countries. Just how much better off would these small independent countries be if they were run by someone else? It'll make you think. (Note: no refunds)