Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Crowd Control Pack

Crowd Control Technology

Large crowds of supporters can present political campaigners with real difficulties. Not only are the crowds colourful and liable to attract even more people to your event they can also be boisterous and distracting. 

Expert advice is clear - crowds should be just large enough to provide a colourful background but never too big. 

The Scaremonger "Crowd Control Pack" has been successfully used by numerous campaigners throughout this General Election campaign and in last years Scottish Separation  referendum. 

See the Scaremonger "Crowd Control Pack" at work in Glasgow and Edinburgh in these campaign pictures;

Crowds are maintained at the optimum level

Media management enhanced

Public engagement risks minimised

Meanwhile politicians who don't use this scaremonger exclusive product risk letting their message go unheard;

Shambolic  over-engagement

SNP  Leader - Getting it all wrong.

Simply too popular!