Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Scaremonger Opinion Poll

The Scaremonger Exclusive Opinion Poll

We are delighted to announce the launch of the first official  Scaremonger opinion poll. 

We know people are scared, but just how scared are they? Are they as scared as they should be? Or as scared as they could be?  Is there yet room to raise the fright bar a little higher.

You can cast your vote now in this scientifically based poll using the simple form on this page. The results of our exclusve poll will provide the definitive answer to the question that stalks the land;

How Scared Are You?

The poll will close at midnight on the 17th September and the complete results will be available shortly after.


  1. I'm scared parliament dont love us no more,
    i'm scared of the feet that will trip us as we walk out the door,
    i'm scared of the lies that will all come to light,
    I have terrible dreams and wake still in fright,
    I dreamed i was chased thru Roslyn chapel by large mister Broon an the masonic banking papples,
    His googly eye was winking at straw saying dinnae worry Jack we dinnea exist at aw,
    Then lo and behold wi his hand on the gold gifted the banks wi riches untold
    Perhaps they will build him a phalic delight like yon Walter Scotts oh i dae love its sight
    But then i thought naw its no fitting ye keen for oor man Broons landmark to look like big ben
    So i pondered and finally came up wi a plan cos thats the kindo man i am,
    I think his honour would best be remembered by a large googly eye thats slightly dismembered
    Kinda like yon ane in the london skyline but oors in Kirkcaldy where a wans a winner
    Might even invite him tae the top o it for dinner where i can cook fur him from the parcelled delights of Kirkcaldys foodbank and into the night we can chat jist like pals
    an discuss how we best can give away Scotland an everything in sight,
    I Digress and say oh Gord ur a star whos fallen from heaven and i know thats quite far
    So a unbuckled ma belt a dropped down ma drawers an me an wee Gordy made love for hours,
    So stop all this nonsense aboot runnin awa i mean whaur the hell kin ye possibly go??
    were in this together as fine ye aw ken an how will ye buys hings wi the japanese yen?
    Looks its aw right i understand ye have bairns if they die oh starvation ye can always hiv mair!
    jist as long as they dinnae hiv yon ginger hair,
    So lets all join hands and sing the same song at least until aw the riches are gone
    then ye can go if ye still are insistin oan breaking this union an doing aw this twisting.

  2. That wis a bit impulsive excuse the hastyness and unfinished quality.
    I seen an article about him welcoming internation bankers at roslyn during a meet there for freemasons, there even was a photo but they took it down after i tried to save it on ma pc which broke shortly afterwards.
    He was chancellor at the time, more like chancer if u ask me.
    Straw dropped the proposed law which was going to have freemasons declare they were members of the sect if they were in public positions of power..
    Curious dont you think?