Sunday, 2 March 2014

Who's Who Who Has Cash

A brilliant new addition to the Scaremonger "Essential Reference" range!

Who's Who Who Has Cash

We all know that fund raising can be a chore but this essential volume will take the hard work out of stinging strangers for cash.  With only the most wealthy and most credulous listed you'll be able to soak up plenty from people who just haven't bothered to think about what they're giving the money for.

One simple letter carefully written to push the prejudice buttons of our carefully selected target audience is almost guaranteed to deliver results.  "Who's Who Who Has Cash" includes a handy index of template please for cash to help you out'

Begging letter tempates include;

  • Save Eastenders from the Cybernats who want it banned in Scotland
  • Don't let John Swinney steal our pounds and give us groats
  • Did you know that the Scottish Government wants to make Alex Salmond President for Life?
  • Without your donation to defeat separatism Scotland could end up as poor as Norway
  • Thousands of Better Together activists are being forced to stay home due to a lack of funds.
Pre-order your copy of "Who's Who Who Has Cash" today and turn the tide.

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