Monday, 10 March 2014

The Gordon Brown Big Book of Cunning Plans

For Thinkers...who have been thinking very hard.

For Dreamers...who haven't really woken up.

For International Statesmen...who really, really should get more respect.

For Everyone...who hasn't really been paying attention.

The Gordon Brown Big Book of Cunning Plans is packed full of ideas that the ex-PM has been thinking about for almost a whole morning. Ideas which will capture the imagination of everyone who has not started to think for themselves yet. Ideas which have virtually zero chance of being implemented by the Westminster Parliament but which might convince voters that there is some reason to vote No .

Great Ideas such as;

  • More sort-of powers for Holyrood
  • Invisibility Cloaks for MP's
  • Maybe some more powers for the Scottish Parliament
  • A fleet of spaceships built by apprentices at Rosyth to bring cheese back from the Moon to stock Scotland's food banks.
  • Some magic beans which the kids will love.
  • A MagLev railway line running under the Atlantic from Manhattan to North Queensferry to improve traffic in "distinguished leaders" between Scotland and the USA.
  • A big carpetbag full of things  like Mary Poppins has.

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