Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Scaremonger Paint Range

The Scaremonger in association with world famous decorative consultant Naymor Oyal 

The "NaySayer" Paint Range

Choosing the best colours for the rooms in your home is the key in any successful decorative scheme That choice can be a challenge and especially so when you need to steer clear of  the bright, sunshine tones that can encourage dangerous domestic optimism.

Our "Naysayer" range, developed under the guidance of famed decorative consultant Naymor Oyal makes a unique spectrum of colours available which will put a scowl on the face of even the most demanding scarier.

The "Naysayer" Paint Range includes the following exciting new colours;

Black Affronted
Scotch Mist
Crushed Thistle
Lost Marble
Old Fossil
Jam Tomorrow
Volatile Petrol
Churlish Sage
London Gold
No Battleship Grey
Incandescent Brown
Straw Man
Uncertain Beige
Stormy Weather
Urban Blight
Very Pale Red
Blue Dream
Mess of Pottage 
Trench Foot
Lost Coal

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