Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The "Indy-Monstered" Kit

Don't miss out on this Scaremonger Special Offer!

Did you feel left out when you read about your colleagues being "monstered"?

Want to convince voters and the media that you are being hounded by unknown enemies?

Not sure where to begin because in fact you are under no harassment or genuine threat at all?

The new Scaremonger "Indy-Monstered" kit contains everything you will need to convince the credulous that you are the victim of a series of vicious online and nearly physical attacks.

Each "Indy-Monstered" kit contains;

  • A lifelike "frit-face" latex mask.
  • An "I've been monstered" regulation hoodie with a large capacity "big-head" hood.
  • A set of red, white and blue Stoopster braces to pull the shoulders down into a cowering hunch.
  • A make up kit to ensure that you have the grey and haunted face of a victim.
  • A sheet of realistic 2"x4" pro-indy stickers with provocative slogans such as "Yes - 2014" to put on your door or window.
  • A professionally written press release - complete with quotes - "it's time for the Yes campaign to call off their attack dogs" and "this is the dark underside of the independence campaign".
Order "Indy-Monstered" today and claim your free twitter abuse*

*twitter abuse is guaranteed to consist of one mildly critical tweet using an abusive term such as fool, idiot or chancer. 


  1. Typical cybernat denial of abuse. For us living in the real world, actual cybernat abuse consists of being called a "servile quisling c***" and being told to go and live in England.

  2. I'm sure we can all find examples of people behaving poorly. That is a far cry from a general atmoaphere of abuse and denigration. The one-eyed and sometimes comical claims of "cybernat" abuse made by some are worthy of mockery. That does not belittle any individual experience but helps to restore perspective. The indyref debate deserves articulate and intelligent discussion but there has to be room for humour and even a little caustic commentary as well.

    1. Well I genuinely have been sent abuse by cybernats. I've been called a "traitor", a "servile", a "f**" and generally treated horribly. A lot if people think that if you are sceptical of the SNP then you are some sort of English Tory.

      You're an independence supporter, perhaps you could do something about it? :-)