Monday, 29 February 2016

Preparing for the European Referendum

Scaremonger Exclusive!

First pictures of preparations for the forthcoming European referendum.

David Cameron raises the ghost of Project Fear in readiness for "Euro-Ref"
Some Better Together veterans get back together on the canvass trail to demand British independence this time!

No threat to workers rights says Iain Duncan Smith

Jeremy Corbyn is ready to lead campaign

Chancellor Merkel prepares to hold back the tears in the event of Brexit

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  1. I would like to exit the EU, after all, what exactly has been gained from it? I believe that trade here in the Uk would not cease to flow in any shape or form, prices would remain as high as ever and we (the poor people) will not prosper by staying or leaving.
    Scaremongering by those that want to stay works fine on the sheeple, those that want to stay are just afraid of change but what change would there really be? Years have gone by since the UK joined the "Common market" We were told back then that we would benefits from having the same low prices as European countries, which included dropping the price of cigarettes, food and other such thing, but the first kick in the teeth was the change from Pounds and ounces to Kilograms where we got less for our money and the prices went up, the thought of becoming a little better off sunk and of course, we still all have to have passports? We hear the same waffle every time but, the common folk are no better off.
    So who were better off? The military, the Conservatives, our Government and corporations and of course the Zionists that had even more money to buy even more things to annoy other countries like some nice big nukes.
    The main thing that worries me is that if we do leave then Cameron and his band of merry money makers will be able to have the run of rule and take away the humanitarian act, as they are trying now. Why has Cameron done a u turn on the EU? A while ago I thought it was he that wanted out of the EU but now he wants to stay in, has his back hander been under threat? Is this clown actually being paid to stay? If not then why the scary tactics, why not tell the truth about the EU and where does the UN come into this?
    Confused? Me too!