Sunday, 31 January 2016

Social Network Name Generator

Social Network Name Generator 

New for 2016  

Ideal for calling out separatist agitators online - but without fear of being hunted down by the angry army of "cybernat" hooligans.

Finding the ideal twitter name for your anonymous account can be the first big challenge for any dedicated pro-union scaremonger who wants to take the fight onto the enemy ground - the internet.

The Scaremonger's simple "Twitter Handle Matrix" can solve this most tricky of hurdles in just three easy steps;

  • You select your preferred first name from the list provided
  • Our software will then select a surname from our database
  • You personalise your new "handle" from the option list of dates, titles and suffixes

Among our satisfied customers already hard at work on a social network near you; 

  • CR.Inge1707
  • billy.mophead1672
  • blair.warhero2003
  • billy.broadshoulders30
  • juicy.naranja999999999
  • sally.lickspittle
  • tom.tridentboom1
  • stickwit.sterling
  • granny.frightner
  • brexit.gotcha2017
  • lizzy.catspurr
  • towee.toopoor1
  • runaway.george1302
  • ET.Ure-cereal
  • and many, many more

Join today - and tomorrow you can be making your country proud as you fire volleys of targeted scares and abuse at the torn faced enemies of the union from your keyboard on the front line of the war in cyber-space! 

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  1. ET.Ure-cereal, glad I wasn't eating my cereal when read this, I may have choked.