Sunday, 29 November 2015

Inside the Tent

The Scaremonger Book Club

An Exclusive Launch Event for our first book

"Inside the Tent" by A.N. Chancer

Stories from behind the frontline of politics where shadowy figures are pulling the strings and plotting to tear Scotland out of the Union.

An insiders guide to what goes on in the murky world of Scottish politics where the SNP rule the roost with a rod of iron and dissent is crushed by a faceless army of cybernat enforcers

Blistering  insights from  former key personnel who say they know what they're talking about and have a lot to say anyway to anyone who'll listen and has a newspaper, radio or TV studio

Why it all went wrong even though  everything was right and who's to blame if not the stupid voters and why the SNP are bad and why it's just not fair

What next and a plan to make it all better that involves the SNP just going away and the sooner the better so that things can go back to normal

To register for the launch event and to pre-order a copy of "Inside the Tent" visit the members section of the Scaremonger Book Club website

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