Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cereal Monsters

Cereal Monsters

It's been more than a year since the people of Scotland took the advice of our friends in "Better Together" and went back indoors to eat their cereal. 

Now the Scaremonger introduce our new range of scary cereals to help you and your family get fuelled up for busy days not thinking about the future.

  • Loopy Waffles - Kezia's favourite
  • Gran Flakes - with real flakes of gran!
  • Gripe Nuts -  "the opposition cereal"
  • Bland Flakes -  less texture and not so filling
  • Snap, Crackling and Pop -  brings out the PM in you!
  • Not-So-Special Call K - listen out for our radio ads!
  • Supine Museli - with vitamin A(abstention)
  • Co-Co Flops - a complementary box for every ex-MP 
  • Shredded NEET - the teenage favourite
  • Honeyed Crispy Cuts - perfect with warm words
  • All Brown Vow Clusters - (contents may settle in transit)
  • Get on Your Ricicles - and look for work
  • Ready Wreck - perfect when you need to make those "tough decisions"
  • Cuts So Simple -  a recipe straight from the kitchen of No. 11 Downing Street!
  • Bleat-A-Bix - get ready for the weekly FMQ's 
  • Oaty-Rollovers - you won't be able to oppose these great flavours

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