Thursday, 16 October 2014

Create-A-Debate Kit

The Scaremonger "Create-A-Debate" Kit

  • Self Important?
  • Pompous?
  • Got nothing to say but want to say it at great length?
  • Personal profile needing raised?
The Scaremonger "Create-A-Debate" kit is designed to help people whose personal or public profile has declined in relevance and reputation. When the bairns stop laughing at you in the street and ex-President stops ringing you'll need to act decisively to restore your place in the media spotlight. That's where the Scaremonger "Create-A-Debate" kit comes in. 

Each "Create-A-Debate" kit contains everything you'll need to arrange a pointless but high profile event which will propel you back into the limelight. The kit includes;

  • A "Don't You Know Who I Am" badge
  • Contact details for malleable and lazy newspaper/television journalists who'll print any old rubbish to fill a page or two minutes of screen time.
  • Booking details for an appropriately "impressive" venue ( available venues include Parliamentary Chambers, PLC canteens  and Miners Welfare Clubs)
  • A range of template speeches ranging from "incoherently passionate and angry" to "confusingly angry and betrayed"
Our satisfied customers are already dominating the headlines in the newspapers and on television. "It's been amazing!" says G.B. "I'd never have thought it would be so easy to get acres of coverage and nobody ever asks a difficult question. I've already recommended the Scaremonger "Create-A-Debate" to all the world leaders I know very well".  

Order "Create-A-Debate" today and get a free "I'm Back!" A2 laminated poster.

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