Friday, 1 August 2014

Commonwealth Games Special

Scary Sports Day

A Scaremonger day out for all the family
Special independence referendum themed sporting events
Great prizes on offer 

Planned events include;

  • The Rory Stewart 75 mile wall walk 
  • Asymmetrical Power Bars
  • Straw Man Challenge
  • The Jam Tomorrow Steeplechase (obstacles sponsored by the House of Lords)
  • Slippery Lipstick on a Pig Wrestling
  • Insurmountable Hurdles 
  • Mud Slinging
  • 20m Leap in the Dark
  • 100m Dash for Shale Gas
  • 4x100m Rely on subsidies from England
Sign up today and claim a special "twin-face" saltire/union flag t-shirt.

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