Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Currency Converter

An end to currency confusion!

Currency conversion made quick and easy!

The new "Anglo-Scot" currency converter from the Scottish Scaremonger Home and Office range makes calculating conversion rates from Scottish to rUk currency easy.

Simply input the amount of Scottish currency into the "Anglo-Scot" converter and by utilising our unique state of the art, patent-pending, "torytech" based solution the amount in rUK pounds sterling is displayed - instantly!

Example:  Input the required amount for conversion e.g. £20.00 (Scottish) and press the "convert me" button. The rUK conversion is instantly displayed £20.00.

The "Anglo-Scott" Currency Converter is available in Desk, Pocket and Credit Card size models  and also as an "app" for your smart phone or tablet.

Price: to be confirmed

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  1. That's brilliant ah'll have wan, kin a pay in English notes?