Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Cameron Buchan Accent Regulator

The Cameron Buchan Accent Regulator

Worried that your inauthentically Scots accent may be holding you back?

Concerned that you are too easily mistaken for an unwelcome continental?

Now you too can have a Scottish accent - at the touch of a button!

Using patent-pending torytech innovation the Cameron Buchan Accent Regulator can transform your mangled foreign pronunciations into authentic and Better Together approved patriotic Scots tongue.

Real Scots need a Reel accent!

Choose from;
Glasgow "parliamo"
Edinburgh "Brodie" or "Begbie"
Border "Reiver"
Hint of Gaelic
Northern Isles basic Up Helly Aa
Invernessian "Fesh Sapper"
Dundonian "peh"
Fife "Methil-ated Spirit"

and many more!

The Cameron Buchan Accent regulator is cleverly concealed within a traditionally styled and typically Scottish bushy moustache (just like Paw Broon) so that you can mingle in any business or social setting with complete confidence. The device is available in three patriotically Scottish colours as well, Sullen Broon, Ginger Nut and RedWhiteandBlue!

Order today and get the Darling Filthy Groat Detector half price!

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