Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Food Supplements : New Arrivals

Lies not big enough!

Girls laugh at your weedy arguments?

Embarrassed by your visible support?

You need  SHAKE-AWAKE  by the Scaremonger.

Our patented SHAKE-AWAKE  supplement will bulk out your tall tales and fill out those under-developed scares.  SHAKE-AWAKE  will have you pumping out tommy-rot on defence, spinning nonsense about the NHS, garbage on Europe and lifting the lid on Currency baloney.

The SHAKE-AWAKE  diet couldn’t be simpler;

A “ tasteless” shake for breakfast. 

A portion of “dry boak” for lunch. 

An under-nourishing bowl of “thin gruel” in the evening.

SHAKE-AWAKE  has been extensively tested by the Better Together network and is proven to deliver increased mendacity and raised levels of shroud waving.

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