Wednesday, 26 June 2013

An Amazing Dental Care Breakthrough!

Now Available in our Pharmacy Department
Our new own brand Scaremonger  Insensitive Gentle Frightening truthpaste 

The Scaremonger Tooth-Team of pseudo scientists have spent minutes developing this special anti-fact formulation suitable for all the family. 

Use  Insensitive Gentle Frightening truthpaste daily to maintain that special “Ring of Uncertainty” and to protect you and your family from dangerous free radical bacteria in the political environment.

 Insensitive Gentle Frightening truthpaste supports unhelpful hysteria and suppresses damaging positivity.

The Red, Blue and Yellow stripes of Insensitive Gentle Frightening truthpaste contain genuine Indistinguishium and provide a uniform layer of truth resistant coating which can protect you and your family from excessive optimism, confidence and inspiration. 
Insensitive  - just in case there’s something out there to make you smile!

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