Saturday, 5 May 2012

DVD classics


'It's a Terrible Life' -


'Went the Day Badly?'

'Low Expectations'

'Greetin' in the Rain'





TV Series

Coronation Street 1963-2014 (better stock up - you'll not be able to watch it anymore in a separatist Scotland)

Breaking(-up) Bad

Our Political Collection 

'BBC Scotland's Big Deflates 2011-2014': hours of entertainment! It's all here - the timid  moderation, the robotic Labour trolls in the audience and their scripted questions, the creepy apologists for dependency. Unionism's last stand against the evil separatists. 


Outdoor Activities Department

Walking Boots: note - not suitable for the 'long walk to freedom'.

Border Guard Jackboots - only a few pairs left!!

Prepare for the remote possibility of separation with our incredibly popular No-Man's Land all-in-one package. Save £££s! Everything you'll need to visit your granny in Carlisle: includes night vision goggles and wirecutters.


Household Goods Department

Begging Bowls: "stock up before the rush"

"Lang" Spoons: perfect for separatist suppers

"Dogs Dinner" Commemorative Bowls: all purpose dishware with decorative handpainted extracts from the Scotland Bill

Oil Pourer: please note - oil increasingly unavailable separately

Large Stirring Spoon: "Use Again and Again"

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