Monday, 2 February 2015

Festival of Vow

Sign up now for our new annual festival - "Groundhog Vow Day"

Each year on February 2nd the Scottish Scaremonger will be organising a "Festival of Vow", a family-of-nations friendly opportunity for Labour party spokespeople to have a fresh stab at making a convincing promise to deliver something they don't believe in really.

The full programme for the inaugural "Festival of Vow" will released in a blaze of publicity sometime after the General Election but will include a range of seminars including;

  • "Making it Up: Vows for Beginners"
  • "Obscurity and Vagueness: Advanced Vow Making"
  • "Tough Luck Suckers: Post Vow Strategies"

Pre-Registration for this unmissable event now open.

#GroundhogVow #FestivalofVow


  1. Brilliant, probably closure to the truth than you'd think.

  2. You make my day, I love the Scottish Scaremonger.

  3. Agree - brilliant stuff. I laughed out loud. the element of plausibility makes it even funnier.