Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Dearie Me! (The search for Scotland's Black Hole)

Join us at the launch of the latest book under the "Scottish Scaremonger" imprint;

Dearie Me! ( The search for Scotland's Black Hole )

Fictional author M. Hamish Glen will be available to sign copies of his latest book which traces the history of thevsearch for Scotland's legendary fiscal black hole.

The full story of the development of the Large Haud-On Colluder is explored as successive Westminster governments and Scottish Secretaries laboured against all the odds to prove the existence of the Twigs Bunkum Particle.

All the drama of the search for the Twigs Bunkum Particle is captured as time and again the discovery of a Black Hole was announced only for the  "breakthrough" to be debunked within hours.

Although the search continues to this day despite increasing evidence that there is actually no black hole at all  Dearie Me! ( The search for Scotland's Black Hole ) is an invaluable companion for all students of one of Scotland's most enduring myths.

Book launch date : TBC

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